A Pietro Arosio Design

Rigorous, clean lines coupled with advanced technical solutions, Lux is free of excess but has all the unique details you would expect from a luxury modern kitchen. It is designed to complement a domestic space that embodies an intelligent blend of function, emotion and personality. Light plays an important role in every working detail, making the kitchen a perfectly functional space that is also seductive and atmospheric.

The Beauty Of Description

Lux reflects a rational design philosophy denoting an architectural influence, in which the domestic space embodies an intelligent blend of function, emotion and personality which is free of any excess.

Pietro Arosio

Arosio’s first designs for Snaidero, ‘Board’ and ‘Lux’, both introduced in 2012 aim to achieve truly ‘smart’ kitchens that are easy to configure and customize and have very tangible functional qualities. ’Board’ is a well-researched industrial response to a very evident evolution in the construction of contemporary homes. The tendency is now to create small environments built out of shared and ‘free-flowing’ spaces.
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